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Virtual Champagne Toast

Virtual Champagne Toast

Posted by Pattie in General

champagneHere it is, my virtual champagne toast into the world of art. I am incredibly blessed by family and friends who have encouraged me to this point of my journey. Not only does this launch Zohotay, it is also my first EVER blog. Thank you for joining me. This is where I’ll share my thoughts and things that inspire me or make me laugh, I will tease with tidbits about upcoming pieces I am working on as well as answer questions that come along the way.

There aren’t enough pages to list everyone who has and does believe in me, but a few thank yous have to be said. To my Mama, without which this would not be happening now, to my Daughter and Aunt who have been cheerleaders in my endeavors, to my friends Danni & DJ who have been emphatic in me showcasing my work, my love and my thanks. Here it is. Yay!!

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