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I'm Pattie Harrison, and Zohotay.com is where my passion meets canvas, where dreams are woven in the paint and where you might find some dreams of your own.
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Zohotay by Pattie Harrison

Now LIVE on Blog .. Comments Welcome

We are now LIVE at ZOHOTAY where I am learning to BLOG and posting my new work not yet listed in Inventory. I welcome your feedback, your comments and your thoughts. Many people see a wide variety of objects, animals and people in my paintings. Most unique for most is the ability to hang in any direction. That is why, which a few exceptions, my paintings on signed on the back.

Welcome to ZOHOTAY .. which ones need to be on your wall?


“Sometimes you will never know a moment until it becomes a memory” — Dr. Seuss

17 Jan 2014 Posted by Pattie in Art, Design, Uncategorized no comments

Crazy Launch Week

What a crazy week it’s been.  Thanks to everyone who has visited me and commented on the Zohotay Facebook page.  Next month, Brandon, the genius man who created this site, will be teaching me the intricacies of blogging which should open the ability to comment….

22 Nov 2013 Posted by Pattie in Art, General no comments

Virtual Champagne Toast

Here it is, my virtual champagne toast into the world of art. I am incredibly blessed by family and friends who have encouraged me to this point of my journey. Not only does this launch Zohotay, it is also my first EVER blog. Thank you…

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